Buying Land? Here’s How to Avoid Losing Your Hard Earned Money to Land Scammers, 419ers or Land Grabbers


You will agree with me that there are some hitches in acquiring landed properties especially in Lagos state, Nigeria.

I have seen and listened to some land scam victims (both home and abroad) lament their sad experiences on how they were scammed of their hard earned money while trying to buy landed properties in Nigeria, especially in Lagos and it is quite unfortunate.

But you see, whether you experience these hitches, falls into the hands of land scammers (419ers), land grabbers or succeeded in your property acquisition, it actually depends on YOU, the buyer (sometimes), on the SELLER and on the AGENT interrogating on your behalf.

And the saddest part is that this unfortunate experience will continue to happen if prospective buyers do not get themselves informed and that is what I am about to show you in this eye-opening article.

My name is Oyedepo John and I am an informed Real Estate Consultant as you’ve probably know, and the MD/CEO of Landicon Realtors LTD; a real estate consultancy firm registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) in Nigeria.

I created this real estate blog; for just one purpose in mind and that is to get smart real estate investors like you informed, thereby making your property acquisition in Nigeria a smooth transaction without being scammed.

One major thing that I want you to realise is that I am a REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT and not an agent. They are two different things. A real estate consultant will give you value and not just to sell to you and that is why I am recommending you make use of an informed consultant in your real estate dealings.

Why Should I Use a Consultant?

Using property consultants can save you a great deal when trying to invest in real estate. And when I say consultant, I mean an informed property consultant.

Speaking of which, as an informed real estate consultant, I help investors like you in several ways that buying directly from real estate companies or agents will not be able to offer you, at no extra cost to you.

1. Find Safe Deals

I don’t just push every property in the country that comes my way to the face of investors. What I do is identify genuine land in strategic places in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Calabar and in Abuja within a private estate with available and affordable plots to buy.

2. High Return on Investment

Because I locate properties at the fastest developing area of the state, it makes a great land deal for a high return on your investment – as high as 150% ROI.

3. Free Inspection

When I said I do not charge you an extra fee for using my service I meant it. I offer free physical inspection and I do site shooting videos for my clients abroad who possibly can’t come down to Nigeria, so as to see where they are putting their money in.

4. Process Land Application

I do not stop until I process your land application with no stress even if you are abroad. And that is not all, I am as well at your service even after the sale.

5. Land Documents

Your satisfaction is my priority, which is why I make sure you get all the land documents necessary after payment. For my clients that are in the diaspora, I even go an extra mile in delivering their documents to them wherever they are.

6. Follow Up

Like I said earlier, I don’t just sell land and bid farewell. I follow up with the real estate company and make sure your interest is protected at all time.

7. Updates

I do provides updated info on new developments in your estate and assist you when it comes to physical allocation of your plot(s).

8. Build Real Estate Portfolio

I do follow up with you on new, awesome investment opportunities to further help you build a profitable real estate portfolio in Nigeria.

And the most interesting part of this all is… it comes to you absolutely free of charge. The next question on your mind is if I am offering my services for free, then…

What is My Take?

Yes, that’s a valid question. Apart from the fact that I am very passionate about the real estate industry and investors in Nigeria, I’d love to see a stressless and scam-free transaction deals where investors won’t be afraid of losing their hard earned money ever again.

I prived myself as an informed real estate consultant because I don’t just help my clients in their property purchase, I offer value and peace of mind to them.

I inform, educate and solve property buyer’s problems on which property is safe to buy, how to buy it and how to go about buying it.

You should note that I am an independent real estate consultant and I do not work for real estate developers.

You do not incur any extra charge just because you want to use my services whenever you buy any of my recommended landed properties for sale in Nigeria from these trusted developers.

In fact, whether you use my service or not, you still buy land the same amount the developers are selling.

Yes, you could buy land from anybody or go straight to the company, but you see, going through an informed consultant like me gives you an edge. It gives you a third party involvement in the transaction who will always look out for your own interest because I am not a staff of the real estate companies.

Should I Trust You?

YES, simply because you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Our ever-increasing happy clients base testifies to this statement as numbers don’t lie.

Moreover, I will never ask you to pay any money or fee to my personal account. If you intend to use my service to acquire plots of land or to buy a house, you will only write your cheque in the name of the real estate company that owns the property and I do not charge you any agency fee.

Transparent enough, right?

Secondly, you can never go wrong while investing in any of my recommended properties.
Reason is…

Before even adding any property to my portfolio, my team and I do our own diligent searches at the Land Bureau just to ascertain the authenticity of the land title document and to be sure the said land is free from all known government encumbrance.

One important thing to take home is, you can never lose your hard earned money when you buy landed properties from our recommended listings on our property website here. And the reason is not far fetched, we don’t just sell land, we sell peace of mind.

My team and I only partner with legit and trusted real estate companies in Lagos and we have handpicked them after doing our due diligence which is why we could bring you genuine, affordable land and properties in Lagos with verifiable land documents.

Thirdly, you don’t have to worry about omonile palavar or someone selling another person’s land to you or someone selling a committed land to you. In fact, no one will encroach your land and whenever you wish to start building, no omonile will ever approach you for any owo ile (thug’s money).

In conclusion, whether you are in Nigeria or you stay abroad, you don’t have to go through a tedious and stressful process in order to buy landed properties and at the end of the day lose your hard earned money to land scammers.

Bad experience may have been stopping you from further buying land in Lagos, Nigeria but using the service of an informed consultant will give you a lot of great experience that you will forever be thankful for.

See our recommended land for sale in Lagos (and Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Calabar) on our listing page here and if you want to get in touch, do give us a visit at our VGC office in Lagos or call our hotline on +2348036129474 (also on WhatsApp) and we will be glad to work with you for the best experience in your journey to investing in real estate in Nigeria.

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    Oyedepo John is the MD/CEO of Landicon Realtors Ltd. He gives professional real estate advice and helps smart investors make profitable real estate investments for high ROI, thereby creating wealthy landlords.