List of Estates Below 1 Million Naira in Ibeju Lekki/Epe


Are you looking for landed properties or estate lands below 1 million naira to buy in Lagos state?

If you are looking for budget-friendly, cheap and affordable landed properties in Lagos that sell below a million naira, then this is it. This piece is meant for those on a low budget and wants to join the smart real estate investors to ‘eat from the national cake’ that property investment brings.

Contrary to popular belief, that you need millions to venture into real estate investment, there are places in Lagos where you can actually buy genuine land from the ranges of N500,000 to N1,000,000.

Estate Land Selling Below N1,000,000 in Lagos State

Kindly click on the name of the estate below for more details.

1. Gracias Next Generation Estate, Beside Nigerian Army FOB, Epe (N550,000 for 600sqm, N350,000 for 400sqm)

2. Peninsula Homes 2, Akodo Ise, Ibeju Lekki (N600,000)

3. Gracias Farm City, Ketu, Epe (N600,000 – buy 5 plots get 1 free plot)

4. Gracias Next Generation Estate, Mafogunde, Ibeju Lekki (N650,000 for 600sqm,

N450,000 for 400sqm)

5. Greenfield Courts 2, Igbogun Road, Ibeju Lekki (N650,000)

6. Bricks Garden 2, Imedu, Ibeju Lekki (N700,000 – buy 5 plots get 1 plot free)

7. Palm Spring Estate, Imedu, Ibeju Lekki (N700,000)

8. Evergreen Estate, Odo Egiri, Epe (N700,000)

9. Royal Flex Estate Akodo, Ibeju Lekki (N800,000 – buy 6 plots get 1 free plot)

10. StarCity Estate, Ibeju Lekki

11. Lekki Pearl Garden 2, Folu Ise, Ibeju Lekki (N800,000)

12. Aglow Ville, Elerangbe, Ibeju Lekki (N800,000)

13. Gracias Gardens 3, Ise, Ibeju Lekki (N850,000 – buy 6 plots get 1 free plot)

14. Hill Gardens, Mojoda, Epe (N900,000)

15. Bricks Courts 2, Folu Ise, Ibeju Lekki (N700,000 – buy 5 plots get 1 plot free) – SOLD OUT

16. Peninsula Homes 1, Folu Ise, Ibeju Lekki (N700,000) – SOLD OUT

17. Royal Flex Estate 3, Folu Ise, Ibeju Lekki (N700,000) – SOLD OUT

18. Royal Flex Estate 3 Extension, Ibeju Lekki (N700,000) – SOLD OUT

19. Oasis Gardens, Owode Idasho, Ibeju Lekki (N800,000) – SOLD OUT

20. The Enclave, Epe, Lagos (N850m – buy 5 plots get 1 plot free)

21. Royal Bay Estate, Igbogun, Ibeju Lekki (N650k – buy 5 plots get 1 plot free)

There you have it – safe and genuine lands in Lagos selling below one million naira majorly in Ibeju Lekki and Epe.

To read more about a particular estate, click on its name above.

To go on a free inspection to any of the above estates and help you through the purchase and documentation process, kindly call or WhatsApp me on 08036129474 and I’ll be glad to help you out without stress.

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