Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies You Can Trust in Nigeria


If you are looking to buy land from a real estate company and you are not sure of which is good and trustworthy, then this top 10 list of trusted real estate companies in Lagos will be your best guide.

I had to come up with this topic because, as we all know, there is no place we don’t have bad eggs and real estate is not an exception – one of the most important reasons you need the service of an informed realtor.

This list of top real estate developers in Nigeria has been carefully handpicked for my blog readers because I know that many property buyers always have this concern of whom they can really trust with their hard-earned money before investing in real estate in Lagos especially.

Note that I have personally done business with several real estate companies, while some are outstandingly great, others are average and some are outrightly bad. This is why I am partnering with only these best 10 property companies in Lagos.

So in today’s article, I will be listing the best ten real estate developers that are doing great and making my clients happy during and after their deals.

Here are the Best 10 Real Estate Companies in Lagos

I am bringing you this list as a result of my personal experience with them and my clients, so they are verified and reliable real estate companies you can go ahead and do business with.

  1. Tribitat Real Estate Limited
  2. Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited
  3. Zylus Homes & Properties Limited (Oga4Property)
  4. GMH Luxury
  5. Gracias Global Homes & Property Nigeria Limited
  6. Adozillion Homes and Realty Ltd
  7. Finebricks Properties & Investment Ltd
  8. Landmark Corporate Realty Limited
  9. Eystone Development & Investment Limited
  10. Arcview Investment Ltd

In as much as you can do your own due diligence before buying any properties from the listed real estate companies, my personal experience with them has been wonderful.
Click on any of the listed companies to read about them and their available landed properties in Lagos.

There you have it – top 10 best real estate companies in Lagos that you can trust with your hard-earned money.

If you are looking to buy landed properties from any of the above-listed top real estate companies, kindly call or WhatsApp Oyedepo John on 08036129474 for more enquiries, inspection and purchase process. At Landicon, we do not charge any agency or inspection fee.

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