Understanding the Different Types of Houses in Nigeria (VIDEO & PICTURES)


Before buying a house in Nigeria, it is best to know and understand the type of house you are going for. Most times, I get asked questions such as “what is a terrace duplex” or “how does a maisonette look like” and I’d like to throw more light to these questions.

Of recent, many investors started buying off-plan properties because of their awesome benefits. But with these off-plan properties come the question; which of the house types should I buy?

In Nigeria of today, homes come in various types, styles and forms. Deciding which one to buy or go for will be determined by your choice and budget.

So in today’s Landicon real estate tip by Oyedepo John, I will be sharing with you, as I always do, in-depth knowledge about the different types of houses we have in Nigeria, with pictures so you can understand better.

7 Types of Houses in Nigeria

We have several types of houses but only a few are common in Nigeria and those are the ones that made my list of 7 house types in Nigeria;

  1. Block of Flats
  2. Bungalows
  3. Terraces
  4. Semi-Detached Duplexes
  5. Fully-Detached Duplexes

Then of recent;

6. Penthouses and

7. Maisonettes

The list goes on with some house types like condos, villas, castles, mansions, etc. But we will be limiting our list to the above as they are the most popular, especially in the off-plan property market.

Prefer a video explanation instead? Watch below;

Want to keep reading? Let’s go!

#1 – Block of Flats

A block of flats is a large building that has several or many apartments, which can be owned by an individual or different persons.

In simple term, if you live in a flat and you have neighbours living in other flats within the same building as you, then you live in a block of flats.

These pictures below depict typical blocks of flats in Nigeria.

The investment opportunity here is to buy a land, build a block of flats and rent it out to those looking for flats to rent. Hotcake right now are 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom flats.

Or you can simply buy one or more flats as an off-plan property and then rent it out for a yearly rental income.

#2 – Bungalows

A bungalow is basically a one-storey building, either standing alone (fully detached), attached to another bungalow (semi detached) or on a row (terraced).

Some people prefer bungalow probably because of its small size, though some bungalows now come very big. And most times, its price is usually lower than that of a duplex.

See below for pictures of bungalows

#3 – Terraces

Terraces are houses built as part of a continuous row in a uniform style.

In simple term, terraced houses are connected by a single wall on either side, leading to a row of houses.

A terrace can come either in bungalows or duplexes, but terraced duplexes are common in this part of the world.

See pictures below for various types of terraces we have in Nigeria.

#4 – Semi-Detached Duplexes

A semi-detached duplex is a house that shares one common wall with the next house. It is like having two houses attached together and having a fence separating them, hence, giving a form of privacy to the owners.

A semi-detached duplex usually comes in a two or three-story building.

See the pictures below for a better understanding.

Example of a semi-detached duplex
Example of a semi-detached duplex

Less common is a semi-detached bungalow which is a single-story house attached to another bungalow.

#5 – Fully-Detached Duplexes

A fully detached duplex refers to a building standing alone, which is usually fenced round with no other houses attached to it.

With a fully-detached duplex, you do not share a wall with anybody. You simply are the only landlord in the building.

Example of a fully-detached duplex in Nigeria
Example of a fully-detached duplex in Nigeria

Many people prefer buying a fully detached duplex as it gives a sense of privacy to the dwellers. However, it is a bit more expensive than a semi-detached duplex.

#6 – Penthouses

A penthouse is an apartment on the highest floor of a block of flats.

In simple term, a penthouse is a flat on the top floor of a tall building, typically one that is luxuriously fitted.

A penthouse is different from other apartments in the building because of its size and luxury features.

Here’s how a penthouse looks like;

Example of a penthouse in Nigeria
Example of a penthouse in Nigeria

Penthouses come in 2, 3 or more bedroom apartments.

#7 – Maisonettes

A maisonette stretches over at least two floors in a building with an internal staircase and it is often located on the top floor.

In other words, a maisonette refers to a duplex on top of a floor or a storey building.

In a maisonette, there is always a separate door to the outside from other flats in the same building.

Now you know the type and style of houses we have here in Nigeria. Like I said earlier, there are other types of houses in Nigeria but the ones listed above are common especially in the off-plan market.

So which one would you like to invest in?

Click here to see a list of different houses you can buy now and live or invest for a high return on investment.

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