How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Nigeria


If you are looking to buy a land, a home or an investment property or you just want to sell your land or home, then you need a real estate agent (or realtor) to get the job done.

Finding a real estate agent is not a big deal especially with the internet. You can search online for a list of real estate agents in a particular area; for example, you can search for ‘real estate agents in Lagos’ and you will surely find hundreds of agents. Or you can at least ask for referrals from friends and families.

But the main question is – how do I find the right one?

Just like in other industry, the real estate industry is full of all kinds of professionals with different traits. While some are unresponsive, inexperienced, shady, unprofessional, and arrogant, some are quite knowledgeable, honest, motivated and with a vast network.

Obviously, you want to work with the second category. But how do you find such real estate professionals?

It is not as complex as you think as I’ll be sharing with you today 5 ways to find the best real estate agent in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria.

5 Simple Ways to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

1. Choose a Full-Time Agent

Because of circumstances that surround property acquisition in this part of the world, many people are springing up every day calling themselves real estate agents all in the name of making money.

It is important to fish out the serious and trusted ones and most times you will find them as a full-time agent – not 100% true anyways.

Why a full-time agent?

A part-time agent is not knowledgeable like a full-time professional realtor. One good advantage of hiring a full-timer is they tend to have the in-depth knowledge of what you are looking for.

Secondly, they will always be available for you and won’t delay in communication. Unlike someone who is doing a different job or busy having a business meeting somewhere, he/she is likely not to be available when you really need them and their unavailability can cost you a great deal.

In addition, a full-time realtor should have business experience and a track record of successful real estate transactions.

2. Communication Skills

We all know that buying or selling real estate is a huge financial decision, it is important to find that agent who can understand your needs and proffer a solution.

In any business, communication is very important and real estate is not left out. You need someone you will be comfortable with while interacting.

So while interviewing your prospective real estate agents, take note of their communication style and skills as it is vital in your real estate purchase process.

3. Ask for Referrals

Another quick and easy way to find a suitable real estate agent to help you in your real estate buying or selling is to ask families and friends for referrals.

Your friends and family members are likely to give honest assessments of their experience with a particular real estate agent they’ve dealt with in the past.

However, in this part of the world, some people always hide this type of purchase from family and friends. The next point should come handy.

4. Is the Agent Findable

One of the most important steps in finding a good, trusted real estate agent is making sure they can be found, both online and offline.

A trusted full-time real estate agent should have a confirmable physical office and online presence such as a good and presentable website plus social media presence.

To some extent, you will be comfortable knowing a particular realtor can be found almost everywhere.

5. Work With a Local Agent

An agent within the city is aware of the best neighbourhoods for buying property, best prices and other small details. They know better of the area and have a better forecast of the overall value of a property based on its location.

Another benefit is that they will guide you through the process of buying and selling your property, including physical inspections, paperwork and closing requirements.

In conclusion, the above 5 tips in finding the best real estate agent in Nigeria will help you in your search of the right agent to use for your property buying or selling.

However, you should also follow your heart before making any decision. But one thing is sure, you will end up with the right real estate agent as you focused on the right methods.

Meanwhile, Landicon Realtors Limited is a real estate consulting firm that helps you through all your real estate buying and selling. If you are looking for a genuine, trusted real estate agent in Lagos that passes all the above criteria, then talk to Landicon Realtors – 08065693958.

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